6 Best Car Insurance Companies of 2023

We sourced the best car insurance companies. Check out our list below!
Auto Coverage & Award-Winning Service Made for You
  • Members Saved an Avg. of $725 per Year
  • Available 24/7 Online for Policy Updates & Claims
  • Get Discounts on Car Maintenance, Travel, & Other Perks
State Farm
Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm Is There
  • Top Customer Service Ratings, Always Ready to Help
  • Avg. Time Frame for Claim Payouts Is Fastest, Industry Wide
  • Local Agents Located in Your City & Across the Entire USA
The Car Insurance Savings You Expect
  • New Customers Report an Avg. Annual Savings of $500+
  • Geico Consistently Receives a 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating
  • 85 Years of Experience in Offering People Affordable Car Insurance
We Know a Thing or Two About Car Insurance...
  • Switching to Farmers Auto Insurance Could Help You Save
  • Saves New Customers an Avg. of $413 on an Annual Basis
  • Bundle Your Ins. Products & Save: What’s in Your Garage?
Get a Car Insurance Quote Today & Enjoy…
  • Collision, Comprehensive, Liability, Medical Payments, & More
  • Avoid the Impact of a Rate Increase After an Accident or Wreck
  • Check Out Usage-Based Auto Insurance Programs to Save
Enjoy the Peace of Mind a AAA Membership Can Provide
  • Save Hundreds of Dollars When Switching to AAA Auto Insurance
  • Perks Galore: Fuel Savings, Parts, Repairs, & Much, Much More
  • Top-Tier Customer Service, Responsive Claims: Customer-First

How Does Car Insurance Work?

Car insurance is an essential contractual agreement that ensures you receive financial protection by paying premiums to an insurance company for coverage related to your vehicle. Liability insurance, which is often mandatory, provides compensation for losses caused to others. Alongside this, you have additional options to consider, including collision, comprehensive, medical payments, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage…and on & on. When selecting your coverage levels and deductibles, factors such as your age, driving record, and location influence the premiums you pay.

In the event of an accident, you are required to file a claim with your insurance company. Through a thorough investigation, fault is determined, be it you or the other motorist or motorists. If you are deemed responsible, your insurance provider covers the losses incurred by the other party, up to the specified limits of your coverage. Furthermore, your premium costs could then be increased, as you would be considered a much bigger risk to them.

Conversely, if you are not at fault, the other driver's insurance company is responsible for compensating your losses. By securing car insurance, you safeguard yourself from the potential financial repercussions that can arise following an unfortunate accident. Got to have it.

Car insurance acts as a crucial safety net, providing peace of mind and financial security, ensuring that you are protected when unexpected circumstances arise on the road.

How Much Does Car Insurance Usually Cost?

Car insurance costs in the US are influenced by factors like age, driving record, location, vehicle type, and coverage choices. So, before we even go into the typical cost of automotive insurance, these prices can vary in the largest of ways. All of this data should be taken with a grain of salt and, moreover, applied to each driver and their particular demographic and driving history.

With that said, on average, car insurance can cost you around $175 per month or approximately $2,150 on an annual basis. Younger drivers and those with a history of accidents face higher premiums, of course. Urban areas have higher rates. Sports cars and luxury vehicles cost more to insure. Choosing full coverage raises costs but provides better protection. To save money, compare quotes, increase deductibles, take defensive driving courses, install security systems, and always bundle your insurance policies (not just auto but, rather, all types of insurance; the more you bundle, the more you will likely save in the end). That data right there is the fully distilled-down version.


To choose the best car insurance companies of 2023, we used several important factors. And we looked at a plethora of different car insurance companies, as well (over 10 of them, in total). We looked at key aspects, such as cost, customer service, customer reviews, rate offerings, quality of product offered, quantity of products offered, and several other factors, as well. Our main goal was to identify the car insurance companies that could be the best help to the most people. And, most of all, one that would most likely solve the problem in which the customer experienced in both the most expedient way and the most satisfactory fashion.

1.  USAA

Discover how the perfect car insurance plans can rescue your finances following an unforeseen collision. Be prepared to shield your vehicle against damages and shoulder the responsibility for injuries and losses caused by any unfortunate accidents. The absence of adequate insurance coverage may leave you financially vulnerable beyond your means. Have a look at USAA’s diverse range of coverage options tailored to your specific needs and obtain a personalized quote directly from their official website.

  • Highly Rated by Customers
  • Offers Insurance, Banking, & Investment Products
  • Strong Financial Stability
  • Only Available for Active Military & Veterans
  • Not BBB-Accredited
  • Fewer Insurance Products vs. Competitors
2.  State Farm

State Farm provides some of the best affordable car insurance coverage and diverse policy options in the auto insurance industry. State Farm has a strong industry reputation and excellent customer service, as well. For instance, young drivers can find affordable coverage with discounts and a telematics program, to boot. State Farm offers various coverage options, including roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, travel expense, and ride share insurance. The list goes on and on with State Farm auto insurance!

  • Wide Range of Insurance Products Available
  • Extensive Network of Agents/Offices Across the USA
  • Strong Financial Stability & Good Track Record in Handling Claims
  • Premiums Tend to Be Higher vs. Competitors
  • Limited Availability of Online Tools & Tech for Policy Management
  • Have Had Some Reported Issues with Customer Service Interactions
3.  Geico

Geico excels in the insurance industry, but with a big emphasis on the auto insurance space; they have done so with their outstanding customer service and a strong reputation. They offer affordable coverage for young drivers, including discounts and a specialized telematics program. Geico has nearly a century of experience in the auto insurance business and has every tool that exists to aid its customers. The reason Geico excels the way they do is not because of the Geico gecko, it is due to their focus on the satisfaction of their customers. Insurance is not typically something that makes consumers feel that way, so Geico has cracked the code in that regard.

  • Competitive Pricing & Lower Premiums vs. Competitors
  • Convenient & User-Friendly Online Platform for Policy
  • 24/7 Customer Service Availability for Assistance & Support
  • Limited Availability of Local Agents for In-Person Help
  • Reportedly Some Occasional Difficulty with Claim Resolution
  • Coverage Options May Be Relatively Standardized, Offering Less Policy Customization
4.  Farmers

Consider the contents of your garage—a reflection of your practicality in your vehicle selection. You may opt for a versatile hatchback or minivan for their adaptability. Alternatively, the rugged allure of an SUV might appeal to you, or perhaps you indulge in a luxurious convertible or sedan. If you are a car enthusiast, your collection likely boasts a classic muscle car or vintage sports car for weekend cruising. Regardless of your choice, Farmers has coverage options to ensure you have the auto insurance policy that suits your needs…from used buckets to luxury automobiles. An all-inclusive automotive insurance company.

  • Many Insurance Products from Which to Choose
  • Heaps of Local Agents & Offices to Aid Customers
  • Strong Reputation for Handling Claim Resolution Efficiently & Effectively
  • On Average, Premiums May Be Higher vs. Other Insurance Providers
  • Limited Availability; Farmers Does Not Operate in Every Part of the USA
  • Reportedly Occasional Long Hold Times with Customer Service
5.  Nationwide

Nationwide provides customizable coverage options for your peace of mind on the road. Their comprehensive coverage protects against theft, vandalism, weather damage, accidents involving animals, and a plethora of other types of atypical scenarios. Collision coverage takes care of damages from collisions, regardless of fault or rollovers. Gap coverage bridges the financial gap between your car's value and what you owe. Uninsured motorist coverage covers expenses caused by uninsured drivers. Trust Nationwide to keep you protected on your journey.

  • Has a Plethora of Insurance Products, Including Specialty Products
  • Offers the Vanishing Deductible Program, Allowing Customers to Decrease Deductibles Over Time
  • Robust Online Tool & Resource Suite for Policy Management, Claims Filing, & Account Access
  • Includes Fewer Discounts vs. Many Competitors
  • Seasonally, Claim Resolution Times May Be Longer vs. Competitors
  • In-Person Help May Be Limited vs. Some Competitors
6.  AAA

AAA is a pioneering vehicle insurance company (and much, much more, as you all already know, I am sure) that is dedicated to serving its customers' needs and ensuring their general well-being. AAA car insurance offers comprehensive coverage and exceptional customer service, redefining the industry with its innovative approach. By providing tailored coverage options, competitive pricing, and a commitment to employing the best customer support squad, they aim to bring peace of mind and financial protection to their policyholders. Come for the great insurance and stay for all the extra perks that come alongside it!

  • Well-Established & Trusted Brand
  • Multiple Membership Discounts for Insurance Products
  • Extensive Network, Giving Customers Well-Rounded Insurance Options
  • Some Feels May Exist for Additional Benefits
  • Premiums May Be Higher vs. Competitors, Depending on Variables
  • Fewer Local Offices/Agents vs. Many Competitors
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