How to Withdraw Money from Robinhood

How to Withdraw Money from Robinhood

Jesse Knox
Jun. 1, 2023 | 8 Min Read
Updated Jul. 19, 2023

Robinhood stands as one of the leading financial platforms in existence today, offering individuals a wide range of options for accessing its services.  While users can conveniently utilize the platform via their internet browsers, Robinhood has also developed dedicated Android and iOS apps, granting users the flexibility to engage with the platform in a manner that suits their personal preferences.

Given its convenience and recent media attention, Robinhood has witnessed a real surge in interest from people looking to venture into stock and crypto trading.  For those who are new to the platform, a pressing question often arises: how does one withdraw funds from Robinhood?  The complexity of modern financial platforms can bewilder many, but our purpose is to demystify and simplify these processes…for you!

So, that being said, today we are going to go through the details needed in the relatively straightforward process of withdrawing money from Robinhood, regardless of whether you are using an Android smartphone, an iOS device, or even your computer.  By adhering to the steps outlined below, you will confidently navigate the withdrawal process, enabling you to enjoy the rewards of your trading endeavors.

Withdrawing Money from Robinhood: The Basics

Robinhood has implemented specific limitations on daily withdrawals from user accounts to ensure the prevention of fraudulent activities and to protect the interests of its users.  These limitations comprise two key factors: (a) the maximum number of withdrawals allowed, which is set at five per business day, and (b) the maximum withdrawal amount, which is capped at $50,000.  However, if you find yourself needing to withdraw an amount exceeding $50,000 in a single day, you have the option to request a wire transfer.  It is important to note that wire transfers typically take around 1–3 business days to process.

To initiate a withdrawal from your Robinhood account, the process is pretty simple, actually.  Begin by logging into your Robinhood account and navigating to the "Account" tab.  From there, click on the "Withdrawals" option to proceed.  Next, enter the desired withdrawal amount and provide the necessary bank account information.  Finally, confirm the withdrawal by clicking on the appropriate button.  Similar to the wire transfer processing time, Robinhood withdrawals’ processing time is usually about 1–3 business days.

To optimize your experience when withdrawing money from your Robinhood account, there are a few helpful tips to keep in mind. 

  • It is advisable to plan your withdrawals in advance, especially when dealing with significant amounts.

  • Initiating the transaction early in the day allows ample time for processing.

  • Additionally, using a linked bank account for your withdrawals can expedite the processing time vs. external bank accounts.

  • Lastly, it is important to be aware of the associated fees for wire transfers, as Robinhood does charge a fee for this service (always read your T&C, folks).

By adhering to these guidelines and taking advantage of these suggestions, you can effectively and securely withdraw funds from your Robinhood account with no problems.  These measures ensure that your transactions are processed smoothly, allowing you to manage your finances with the utmost ease and convenience.

Withdrawing Money from Robinhood via Computer vs. Mobile Device

Withdrawing Money from Robinhood via Computer

Alright, so if you prefer to use a computer to withdraw your money from your Robinhood account, below are the instructions about how to do so—check it out.

  1. Go to the Robinhood website and log in to your account.

  2. Click on the “Account” icon in the top-right corner of the page.

  3. Select “Banking” from the menu.

  4. Now, click on “Withdrawals” and enter the amount you want to withdraw.

  5. Review your details with a fine-tooth comb and click “Submit.”

In less than half a week, your money will arrive in your bank account, safe and sound.

Withdrawing Money from Robinhood via Mobile Device

Withdrawing money from Robinhood using your mobile device is a breeze.  Below are some helpful steps to guide you through exactly how to do so.

  1. Open the Robinhood app and tap the “Account” icon in the bottom-right corner.

  2. Tap “Transfers.”

  3. Then tap “Transfer to Your Bank.”

  4. Select your bank account from the list of previously-added, linked bank accounts.

  5. Input the amount you want to withdraw.

  6. Review your details to make sure everything is accurate and tap “Confirm.”

Your money will be transferred to your bank account within a matter of just a few business days.

Are There Fees When Withdrawing Money from Robinhood?

When it comes to withdrawing money from your Robinhood account, here is some pretty great news: the platform typically does not charge any transfer fees for withdrawing your money.  However, it is important to note that there may be certain exceptions to this rule, depending on the circumstances, future changes to the T&C, etc.

Now, in some cases, you may come across some small regulatory trading fees or trading activity fees, but those instances are fewer and far between.  Furthermore, if you decide to move your funds from Robinhood to another competing brokerage firm, there will inevitably be a fee associated with the transfer.

Nonetheless, even if you find yourself in a situation where there are some applied fees, you can rest assured that they will be kept at a pretty low level.  Robinhood strives to maintain cost-effective solutions for its users to both stay ahead of the competition and, of course, to make sure that accessing your funds remains convenient and affordable.

How Long Does It Take to Receive Money After Withdrawing from Robinhood?

Several individuals may find it disappointing that funds from their Robinhood account do not transfer instantly to their bank account.  Probably higher expectations than what is reasonable, but okay.  That said, however, it is important to remember that this delay is not Robinhood's fault; rather, it is inherent to the nature of bank transfers…just in general.

The reason for the time-consuming process is the implementation of multiple security measures aimed at minimizing the risk of fraudulent activity (i.e., keeping your money safe and sound).  These measures act as safeguards to protect your bank account and ensure, after these processes are complete, that your money arrives in a timely manner.

Typically, a withdrawal from Robinhood should be completed within two or three days, which aligns with the average duration for regular bank transfers.  But, on occasion, you may experience quicker processing times…or longer.  There are always variables that can increase or decrease the estimated time of arrival of your funds.

Regardless, it is advisable to anticipate a reasonable waiting period until your Robinhood funds are successfully deposited into your bank account.  Expect it to take longer and be happily surprised when it arrives earlier.

What If I Can’t Withdraw Money from Robinhood?

If you find yourself unable to withdraw money from your Robinhood account, do not worry—there are a few potential reasons for this issue.  Let's explore some of the most common scenarios below.

  • Exceeded Withdrawal Limit: One possible explanation is that you have already reached the withdrawal limit.  As we spoke about earlier, Robinhood has established a withdrawal limit of $50,000 or up to five withdrawal transactions per day.  Attempting to exceed these limits may result in an error message when trying to withdraw funds.  So be cognizant of that.

  • Unsettled Funds: Another factor to consider is the settlement process.  Before you can withdraw funds, the money from your trades needs to have been settled in your account.  Usually, it takes around two or three days for the funds to settle after a sale…so not terribly long.  Once they are settled, you can then initiate a transfer to your preferred bank account.

  • Account Restrictions: While it is certainly not common, account restrictions can hinder your ability to withdraw funds.  Such restrictions may occur due to various factors, including—but not limited to—suspicious trading patterns, changes made to your linked bank account, or the detection of a security breach somewhere on the platform.  If your account is subject to any restrictions, be it these or others, it may temporarily prevent you from making withdrawals.

It is essential to keep in mind that these explanations may not cover all possible scenarios.  If none of these reasons seem applicable or if you are still unsure why you can't withdraw money from your Robinhood account, it is recommended to contact Robinhood's customer support directly.  Their team will be best equipped to assist you further and provide personalized guidance based on your specific situation, as opposed to generalizations.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to withdraw your money from Robinhood may seem like an obvious aspect of the process to understand.  But because there are a lot of questions out there from Robinhood users, knowing exactly how to get it done is something that nobody should just skip over.

Knowing the time frames, the processes (and how they differ from computer to using a mobile device), any applicable fees that you may incur, and even some of the pitfalls that may come between you and making a withdrawal from your Robinhood account are legitimately something to take time to find the answers to.

And, based on our research, there are heaps of people searching for these things on the internet.  Hence why we wanted to put out this information.  Remember, if you run into any issues that cannot be solved by the information you have received from this article, just reach out to the Robinhood customer support team; they are usually pretty speedy at getting back to their customers.

Jesse Knox
Jesse Knox

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